My name is Liam McMahon. I spend my entire week immersed in various markets and I created this site to share some of my experience and expertise in equity markets, specifically US equities.  I discuss the state of the major US indexes (S&P, NASDAQ and Dow) as well as the Japanese Nikkei. I also provide setups, long and short on various US stocks and ETFs that combine fundamental and technical analysis to provide solid risk / reward setups no matter your overall market bias.

I prefer to have some long and short exposure at all times, but especially at potential market turning points. Still, the newsletters aren’t designed to create a portfolio for you, nor are they designed to replace your own due diligence. I don’t know your investment capital, and I don’t know your investment goals, so you have to make your own decisions. I include a time frame with every setup, to give you a general idea how long I think the trade will take. Most trades are designed to be swing trades, lasting between 2 weeks and 2 months, but some are shorter and others are longer.

Pick the setups that fit your goals and your bias, or pick none at all, and just read the intro for my take on the broader markets. Your call!

There are some important updates that go out over twitter, so make sure you follow me on the brand new @ChartEcon twitter account. You can also follow my personal twitter, @Duke0777.

Thanks for reading!